Educational Consultant, Writer and Coach

Spanning a period of 2 decades working in education, from Teaching Assistant to Headteacher and CEO of an academy trust, I have built up a wealth of experience throughout the primary education sector.

I am a qualified coach and consultant in primary education. I also write copy, articles and simply for the love of writing.



Having led 3 different primary schools in very different contexts, my experience is broad. I know that “school improvement partners” can be helpful, but you always know a report will come at the end of it, targets to be met and priorities established. Sometimes you just need to share. Not passively, but with a view to working towards solutions with someone that understands, with no judgement or agenda. 

I found coaching to be hugely helpful to me…if you need to offload to someone that understands and can figure a way through issues with you, get in touch. Believe me, your partner might not always want to hear it!


The backbone of your school, your biggest resource and the people that have the most impact on your pupils. So let’s look after them. I can support teachers in exactly the same way I can support leaders, by offering a chance to explore routes through the issues they may be facing…without judgment or the fear of reprisal.

Well being is key, giving your teachers the chance to offload will ensure they feel valued and if they feel valued your pupils will reap the benefits. 

Safeguarding  Leaders

If anyone needs a cup of tea and a place to safely share it is these vital members of your team. Having been DSL in all schools I have worked in I know how lonely and distressing this role can be. You feel you cannot share with anyone and the demands only seem to get greater.

You need to look after these people and give them the chance to unburden and continue to do the incredible job they do, effectively. 


Blog Posts

Look, if you are here, you know what a blog is and that sometimes you need content for yours. Right? I’m not going to bang on about the importance of a blog’s message, about the need for amazing SEO, you know that. Just ask me and I can get stuff written that draws in your users and gets you noticed. 


It is near deadline time on the content timetable, you need more…just ask. I can write an article on whatever you need, throw me the subject, a few key points you want to get over  and I will deliver. Look, I love writing, so just hand it over and it is one less thing you need to worry about.


Web content

You are crazy busy and getting that vital content written up for your site keeps getting pushed to the back of the line. Have you got product descriptions that need updating? Copy writing required for banner ads, direct email or socials? I can help you with that.